Water Tight Plumber Canberra

Google Search Console Analysis & Report

Water Tight Plumber Canberra

Water Tight Canberra, Canberra’s reliable plumbing, drainage, and gasfitting service, was founded in 2010 by Tom Martin who is the company’s owner and licensed Canberra plumber. They service Canberra, ACT and surrounding areas in Australia.

Initial Concern

The client wanted a better understanding of their Google Search Console data to see how customers were finding their website.


The client wanted a report summarizing their Google Search Console data to help them make better marketing decisions. The objective was to compile a report comparing their three key metrics:

Site Impressions

Find out how often their website appeared as a search result on Google.

URL Clicks

Quantify the total number of clicks the company received on Google search.

Click-through Rate

Determine the Click-through Rate (CTR) to understand their performance on search.


I analyzed Water Tight Plumbing Canberra’s Google Search Console data to determine the website’s impressions, URL clicks, and click-through rate.


Using Google Data Studio, I created a dynamic report for the client that can be used to compare their most important search console metrics anytime. The report is filterable by device and country and will continuously update as new data comes in to Google Search Console.

The Report

Client Review

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